100 Plus

Active replenish No fizz, with added vitamins 100PLUS Active Replenish is intended to quench your thirst by providing sufficient energy during and after sports to replace fluids lost in sweat. This non-carbonated Isotonic drink rehydrates, replenishes and re-energises you with added Vitamin B3, B6, B12.
Vendor: Jmart FMCG
750 Ks

Lemon Lime

Endurance With A Citrus Twist

The zesty sourness wakes you up, making you feel alive and ready for the next challenge. Infused with the power-packed benefits of trace minerals and glucose, 100PLUS Lemon Lime is a great way to rehydrate, refresh, and re-energise. So get out there – it’s time to pave a way to your dreams!

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